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On June 10th, 1976 Bishop James A. Hogans founded Christ Community Methodist Church (Independent).

Bishop Hogans founded the church after leaving the connectional Methodist Church. This action had to be taken due to the lack of interest shown to the church in the South Florida Conference.  Bishop Hogans was a very wise and powerful man of God. He was the Pastor the church for 23 years. Before God called him home, he ordained Roderick E Pinckney Sr.

Reverend Pinckney became Pastor of Christ Community Methodist Church on February 3, 2000. Before he was voted in as Pastor, he advised the members that within three years the church would transition from an Independent Methodist to Non-Denominational Church. The membership agreed and within six months the church adopted the name Murray Hill Christ Community Church (MHCCC).  In 2008, we became one of the first branches of Word Connection's Ministries, where Bishop Antonio Richardson of New Life Evangelistic Center is the Overseer. 

Pastor Pinckney went on to seek higher education.  He graduated from Minister in Training (MIT) class on April 17, 2000.  On May 27, 2001, he graduated with a Master Degree in Religious Arts in Theology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Because continued education is very important to him, he went on to pursue two years of training from School of Ministerial Education & Training where he graduated June 5, 2011.

Pastor Pinckney's legacy continues to live on through many men and women that he has inspired also to continue training/education through MIT class.

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